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We are excited to bring back two FNL tourneys this summer and we are even more excited to be able to have them officially sanctioned by AVP America! This means that players get to earn points AND bids to AVP Nationals!

The events will be able to give bids to 1st and 2nd place (assuming a 5 team minimum). These bids are able to be split...meaning player A & B win a bid with each other, they can decide to play nationals together OR they can each go pick up a different partner.

These bids will also follow the player to their own age division. Example: if a 16U player/team earns a bid in the 18s division that team can use that bid and register for 16s nationals, even though the bid was earned in 18s.

You must be an active AVP member in order to register for the event.
You can update your AVP membership here if you’d like:


General information:

  • Friday Night Lights Tournaments take place at Badger Creek Park- 464 Blalock Rd, Canton GA 30115.
  • Players meeting will happen at 4:45pm.
  • First serves for this event will be 5:00pm sharp.
  • Pool Play will be single sets to 21 points with a cap at 23
  • After the first round of play, there will be no on court warm ups. Players will be expected to warm up on the surrounding turf and grass areas.
  • Rounds will begin directly after the previous game is complete- we will not be waiting for a set start time.
  • Each team gets ONE 60 second timeout per set- we will NOT be taking the technical timeout. 
  • Timers will be placed at each net and the referees will be responsible for making sure the time out does not last longer than 60 seconds.
  • Keeping the tournament moving along is one of our top priorities. We don’t want to be playing until late hours in the evening.
  • Prizes will be given to 1st and 2nd place only

The 16’s division and the 18’s divisions will follow these guidelines:

  • 5 team pools 
  • Top 3 go on to the GOLD bracket, while the bottom 2 go to the SILVER
  • All games are single sets with a cap at 23, with exception of the finals where there will be no cap. If time allows and teams agree there is an option to play the finals as a match, best two out of three with all three games being played to 15 points.

If we go with 4 team pools- top two teams go to GOLD bracket and bottom two teams go to the SILVER bracket.


In place of an 18's division we are adding in a WOMEN'S OPEN division.
Juniors athletes can still participate in Women's Open.