Kevin McClureDirector of Operations

Kevin McClure, Director of Operations
S3 Year Round Program Head Coach
S3 Summer Program Coach/Coordinator
SRVA Board Member
USA Volleyball Beach CAP II
USAV Zonal Beach Official

Kevin has been involved with volleyball since first being introduced to the sport by a teacher back in 1976. His love for the game did not take form, however, until after he graduated college and then began a career at IBM. This is where he played in the company league and then went on to play for a club team that was formed out of the best players in the league. Kevin established himself as one of the best outside hitters in the Southeast playing in what was to eventually become the Southern Regional Volleyball Association (SRVA).

Kevin has also coached indoor for several years around the Atlanta area, specializing in the younger age range.  Kevin is still very active in refereeing both college and high school indoor and college beach volleyball. If you see a referee on the stand with some weird tan lines on his head, ask him if his name is Kevin.

Kevin is married to his lovely wife Susan. They have two children Brandon and Kaylee. Kaylee is a member of the Georgia State Beach Volleyball Team.

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